SubX Lite Online Training

Use the Matsumoto Method to learn subtle expressions, facial expressions that are of lower intensity.

Created by Dr. David Matsumoto and Dr. Hyi Sung Hwang, Humintell’s SubX Subtle Expression Training courses were originally funded by and developed for US government agencies. Subtle expressions are often very difficult to see because they’re of low intensity. Recent research suggests that the ability to detect subtle expressions may be especially important for detecting deception, or for just learning to see the signs of concealed emotions.

SubX™ Lite is an abbreviated version of our subtle expression training- perfect for beginners on a tight budget who are interested in learning how to detect subtle expressions. This online training will teach you how to recognize subtle expressions – facial expressions of emotion of lower intensity that can occur as fast as 1/16th of a second. SubX™ Lite will train you to detect subtle expressions that occur on the face at 1/5 of a second.

Our training can help you:

  • Read subtle expressions in others
  • Learn the difference between simple and complex expressions
  • Read partial facial expressions- even when part of the face is covered
  • See how others really feel and label it quickly and accurately

Training is accessible for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 1 year through our training website. Simply purchase the training, create an account and register your product key that you receive via email. It’s that simple.

The SubX™ Lite consists of:

  • A pre-test to baseline your ability to detect subtle expressions
  • 5 instructional videos that teach you the characteristics of complex and simple expressions
  • A practice section with 10 images which features individuals representing all ages, genders and ethnicities
  • A post test to see how far you’ve come. Receive over 80% and receive a certificate of completion. You can take the post test as many times as you’d like.

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