Microexpressions Advanced Training Package

The Microexpressions Advanced Training Package includes MiX 2, MiX 2 Additional Training and MiX Elite, our advanced microexpression training featuring new instructional videos, images and additional information from multiple angles.

*Licenses for the training below expire 1 year from the date they are registered on our training site*


MiX2™  is perfect for those who have already completed beginning microexpression training and are interested in furthering their knowledge on the subject.

Real human interactions involve moving heads and bodies, and experts need to be able to detect microexpressions from multiple angles. This course provides users with the most advanced training on microexpression recognition, presenting frontal, profile and 3/4 views of 84 individuals who contribute two expressions each.

MiX-Elite_final - MiX Elite Online Training - Humintell

Created by Drs. David Matsumoto and Hyi Sung Hwang, MiX™ Elite is the next step in microexpression training- perfect for those who have already completed MiX 2 or MiX 

Pre-set at our fastest speed, 1/16th of a second, MiX Elite features brand new pre test, practice and post test images as well as 7 brand new instructional videos from multiple angles of the face including frontal, profile and 3/4 side view.

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