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See the tells that no one can fake


Table talk. Betting with your small chips. Shaking hands.

The list of common poker tells that experts claim are accurate, goes on and on.

Just how useful and accurate are these tells when you’re playing at a highly competitive level?

While it is true that these types of tells occur, their meanings may vary based on various contexts. For example, while shaking hands may indicate a very strong hand, it can also occur when a person is nervous and is attempting to bluff at the pot.

The reality is that there are no universal poker tells that apply consistently for everybody, except for unconscious, nonverbal cues called microexpressions.

Humintell’s training can help you:

  • Spot real life, scientifically proven tells called microexpressions
  • Interpret nonverbal signals such as body posture, tone of voice, gestures and facial expressions

Did you know?

  • Facial expressions of emotion are universal- regardless of age, gender or ethnicity
  • Because they are universal, reading facial expressions of emotion does not require baselining other players at your table.
  • Microexpressions can’t be faked or hidden and can occur on the face as fast as 1/16 of a second

Why MiX 2 and MiX Elite?

MiX 2 and MiX Elite are Humintell’s Advanced Microexpression Training Tools. The training features facial expression images from the frontal, profile and 3/4 side views, which are ideal for live poker players who play in full ring games.


MiX 2- Frontal, Profile and 3/4 Views Training


*The MiX 2 TM online training tool consists of a baseline test, 16 instructional and review videos, a practice test with 42 images and a post test. All of the tests contain images from all angles.

Try a free demo of our MiX 2 Online Training Tool


MiX Elite


*The MiX Elite online training tool consists of a baseline test, 21 instructional videos from all angles, a practice test with images and a post test. All of the tests contain images from all angles.


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