Improving Your Global Skillset Basic Training Package

The Improving Your Global Skills Basic Training Package includes the Introduction and Pre-Test of IntelliCulture (available here) and Module 1- “What is Culture”.

IntelliCulture is perfect for individuals who interact with people from other cultures: from the student studying abroad to the businessman engaging in international negotiations.

Developed by Drs. David Matsumoto and Hyi Sung Hwang, two of the leading researchers in the field of cross-cultural psychology, this course will help broaden your understanding of culture and provide you with useful tips on how to leverage cultural differences to improve interactions with all people of all cultures.

Module 1 “What is Culture” consists of:

  • A section on the evolutionary origins of culture
  • A section on the definition of culture
  • A section on which groups have culture and which ones don’t
  • A review section

This section takes approximately 30 minutes to complete from start to finish.

You must go through all 4 modules to take the final exam and receive a certificate of completion.

IntelliCulture can help you:

  • Have a better understanding of the definition of culture and where it comes from
  • Understand which groups have culture and which ones don’t
  • Understand what culture is made of and how it influences behavior
  • How to overcome cultural differences
  • How to control your emotions when dealing with people from other cultures
  • Think critically when encountered with a difficult cultural situation
  • Improve interactions among people of different cultures

Training is accessible for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 1 year through our training website. Simply purchase the training, create an account and register the product key(s) that you receive via email. It’s that simple.

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