Cross Cultural Communications

In today’s multi-cultural world, engaging with people from different cultures can be a challenging experience. This workshop improves participant’s understanding of what culture is, where it comes from, and how to leverage cultural differences. Participants develop their ability to recognize nonverbal behaviors that are cross-cultural and also distinguish cultural differences in communication styles. These skills will help the participant to function more effectively in different cultural environments.

Participants learn how to:

  • Define what culture is and where it comes from
  • Distinguish cultural differences in communication styles
  • Identify nonverbal behaviors that are universal across all people
  • Understand the characteristics of intercultural communication
  • Adapt more effectively and communicate across cultures
  • Improve their ability to leverage cultural differences and improve intercultural communication

Through an engaging power point presentation and interactive self-assessments, participants will have a better understanding of their own cultural background and ability to adapt well in different cultural environments. Participants will learn key concepts and foundational skills to help them deal with challenging cultural situations they may encounter.

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