FBINA Review Package

The FBINA Review Package includes all courses formerly distributed to Verbal and Nonverbal Indicators of Deception Course students. It includes MiX Original, MiX Professional and SubX Professional. 

MiX Original

MiX™  Original is our most basic training- perfect for beginners who are interested in learning how to detect microexpressions.

This comprehensive online training will teach you how to recognize microexpressions – facial expressions of emotion that occur when someone tries to conceal or repress how they are feeling. Even though they last only a fraction of a second, anyone can learn to recognize them.

MiX™  Original allows you to set your own speed of training and includes a pre test, practice, post-test and 16 instructional videos.

MiX-Pro_final - MiX Professinal Online Training - Humintell

Created by Drs. David Matsumoto and Hyi Sung Hwang, MiX™ Professional is the next step in microexpression training- perfect for those who have already completed MiX Original who are interested in further learning how to detect microexpressions.

This comprehensive online training is pre-set to 1/10th of a second and features brand new pre test, practice and post test images as well as 7 brand new instructional videos. MiX Professional features images from just the frontal view.

SubX Pro Subtle Expression Training-Humintell

Subtle expressions are often very difficult to see because they’re of low intensity. Recent research suggests that the ability to detect subtle expressions may be especially important for detecting deception, or for just learning to see the signs of concealed emotions.

SubX™  Professional is a comprehensive subtle expression training- perfect for intermediates who are interested in learning how to further detect subtle expressions. This online training will teach you how to recognize subtle expressions – facial expressions of emotion of lower intensity that can occur as fast as 1/16th of a second. SubX™ Professional will train you to detect subtle expressions that occur on the face at 1/5 of a second.

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