Facebook Challenge!

find_us_on_facebook_image5276Humintell is pleased to announce their first ever Facebook Challenge!

Join us in helping spread the word about the fascinating world of concealed emotion by publicizing our Facebook Page.

To enter the “Huminell Facebook Challenge” all you must do is:

1) Become a fan of Humintell’s Facebook Page (once you are a fan, you are automatically entered into our giveaway)

By February 25, 2010 if the Humintell FB Page has

350-449 Fans, we will give out 1 MiX License Key, 1 MiX 2 License Key, 1 SubX License Key, 1 D3 Key to 4 Different Individuals

450-549 Fans, we will give out 2 MiX License Keys, 2 MiX 2 License Keys, 2 SubX License Keys, 2 D3 Keys to 8 Different Individuals

550+ Fans, we will give out 4 MiX License Keys, 4 MiX 2 License Keys, 4 SubX License Keys, 4 D3 Keys to 16 Different Individuals

At the end of the contest period (February 15, 2010):

– We will select random winners. Those winners will be contacted through email.

Those who became fans prior to the giveaway are still eligible to win.

No purchase necessary to enter.

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