Dangerous Demeanor Detector Basic

Our Dangerous Demeanor Detector teaches you to recognize the facial expression of an individual who is likely to immediately become violent.

*The D3 Basic training tool consists of a pre-test  with 20 images, 5 instructional pages, a practice section with 40 images and a post-test with 20 images. Please note the instruction in Basic and Advanced versions are the same but our Advanced training incorporates new features as well as updated images.

D3™ is a training tool that will help you identify individuals who are on the verge of dangerous actions. It is based on years of research conducted by Humintell, LLC, involving not only the general public but also law enforcement officers in different countries who have witnessed and/or been a victim of a physical assault, and remembered the face of the assailant immediately prior to the attack.

Because we have been able to isolate exactly which faces are associated with an impending attack, we can teach you to identify them. The purpose is to alert you of the need to be more on guard, and perhaps take protective action. D3™ trains you to be alert to both of these very different facial expressions.

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