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Some items may be difficult to find! 

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MiX 2 Bundle
Perfect for beginners and intermediates. Includes a comprehensive multi-angle training as well as an additional 84 practice images.

Sale Price: $89.00 $44.00


 MiX Professional
Perfect for intermediates. A pre-set, comprehensive training from the frontal view with additional new information not found anywhere else!
Sale Price: $69.00 $34.00


 MiX 3
Our profile views only, comprehensive training. A good supplemental for all levels. Includes a pre-test, instructional videos, practice, and post-test.
Sale Price: $49.00 $24.00


 SubX Novice
Perfect for beginngers who are interested in learning how to detect subtle expressions of emotions. Pre-set at a speed of 1/2 a second.
Sale Price: $79.00 $39.00


 SubX Additional Training
An additional practice section with 70 images which features individuals representing all ages, genders, and ethnicities.
Sale Price: $10.00 $5.00


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