Google Glasses App Can Read Your Emotions


Courtesy of StockVault

Google Glasses now capture human sentiment by processing facial expressions in real-time.  Only time will tell how this will compare to questionnaires, surveys or even video replay analysis to determine a customer’s true satisfaction level .  Google is able to capture real-time expressions of emotion from software provided by Emotient, which is incorporated into their glasses via an app.

This app analyzes expressions as positive, negative or neutral on a basic level and from there can take it a step further to also delineate joy, sadness, fear, disgust, contempt and anger, and according to the software can also detect frustration and confusion.

These Google Glasses will help identify moods and feelings via facial expressions and convert that data into a report that can be used by product marketing departments.

This software is being targeted to companies and organizations that rely heavily on customer satisfaction for future profits such as the restaurant and hotel industries.  This customer satisfaction analysis app can be used as a tool to  aid companies in marketing tactics as well as be a tool for consumers who have hesitations about purchasing  products or services.

Would you like to walk into a retail store and be helped by an associate sporting this high tech accessory?

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