TED Talks – The Fiction of Memory

Psychologist and memory-manipulation expert, Elizabeth Loftus explains how our memories might not be what they seem — and how implanted memories can have real-life repercussions.  Loftus shares some startling stories and statistics, and raises some important ethical questions we should all remember to consider.

“Feeding people misinformation can distort and contaminate their memory and misinformation is everywhere in the “real world” from media coverage, leading questioning and interaction with people.”

Listen to her TED Talk on The Fiction of Memory.

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2 responses to “TED Talks – The Fiction of Memory”

  1. John Burik says:

    I’m really disappointed Humintell gives Loftus this much credibility. While some of her research is valuable in certain limited contexts she used this TED talk to bolster her own agenda. She failed to address circumstances surrounding her departure from the University of Washington or the ethics complaint filed with the American Psychological Association.

  2. John – Thank you for your comment we appreciate it immensely. We are glad that there are different views and interesting facts that can be revealed from readers that take the time to comment.

    Humintell does not lend credibility to Loftus nor do we support or object to her claims in this video. Our goal is to present interesting ideas and works “to consider”. She has some interesting points in this short TED Talks video on memory.

    As some information is presented as her opinion it is in the heart of good debate.

    Our goal is to bring interesting insights and information to our readers from news research, technology progression and ideas (sometimes via Ted Talks) for discussion and hopefully (as we did with you) get some additional information or insight from those that comment.

    It is great to get more detailed information from individuals that have such information to share and this is the perfect place to share it.

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