Deception Detection & Brain Games

National Geographic is always bringing its viewers interesting and educating stories about ourselves and the world we live in and its new series is no exception.  Friday nights at 9pm host Jason Silva takes his viewers on a ride that explores the complexities of the human brain in the new series entitled Brain Games.

In the episode below Brain Games explores why we lie, how often we lie, and what goes on in the brain that allows us to stretch the truth in the first place. Via games and experiments, you’ll discover how to pick out a fake smile and why it’s actually easier for your brain to just tell the honest truth.

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Lying, after all, is something that most humans seem to do habitually throughout our lives. “People do it because it works,” University of Massachusetts, Amherst psychologist Dr. Robert Feldman, a leading researcher on deception, explained to the Los Angeles Times. “We get away with lies all the time.”

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