Amanda Knox: A Hot Spot

Amanda Knox was recently interviewed by ABC’s Diane Sawyer in her first Primetime interview after she returned home from Italy where she spent 4 years in a prison after being convicted of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher.

At the beginning of the interview, Knox shows what we call a “hot spot”: an inconsistency between what she says and what her nonverbal behavior says. Can you spot it in the video below (between 16:00- 19:00) ?

Remember, seeing a hot spot does not necessarily mean that the person is lying. Rather, they are indicators of areas of concealed thoughts or feelings.

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5 responses to “Amanda Knox: A Hot Spot”

  1. There is an emblematic slip that occurs in the question whether Amanda was there. Her head is saying yes while her words are saying no. It’s really the differing responses that cause alarm and warrant further questioning.

  2. Corrado Saccone says:

    At 0:02 I see delight (I might say contempt as well for the raising of her left lip corner) in her face just before she answers NO while nodding YES. She lowers her head once in a YES way before the head shaking. At 0:05 I see tension on her forehead (that lasts until 0:18) with the raising of the eyebrows like in a surprise expression. After denied she clearly nods (0:06). A very clear hot spot. At 0:09 I see a tension on her lips that are slightly pressed together and stretched that could indicate worries and anxiety. At 0:18 she seems to be uncertain, incredulous and a lips tension is always present. At 0:23 she is showing surprise with raised eyebrows. At the same time eyes are closed. Did she disagree with what has been said? In my opinion in the final part of the clip her behavior is far from being genuine.

  3. Diane Sawyer is nodding her head up and down as she asks the questions. Is it possible that Amanda is simply nodding back to Diane Sawyer as she replies? Why is Diane Sawyer nodding?

  4. These are good insights. See below for Humintell’s comments.

    Amanda looks surprised at 0:04 when Diane asks if she was there that night and then nods her head “yes” at 0:5 as she says “no”.
    Remember that noting a “hot spot” is not necessarily an indicator of deception but an indicator of concealed thoughts and emotions.

  5. Ned Kennedy says:

    Diane Sawyer can’t keep her head still. Also Foxy says at the end in regards to Meredith ‘When she’s gone’. It totally showed her shtick up as being rehearsed….She’s GONE honey! YOU murdered her! Remember? she’s been gone for years now….’When she’s gone?

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