Expressed Sadness

On March 21st 2013 a horrific and tragic event took place in Brunswick, Georgia.

A 13-month old baby boy was shot in the face in a robbery attempt at nine in the morning.  An even more astounding fact in the case is that the assailants were two young kids, the oldest originally thought to be around 15 -years old.

The link below is to a short video before the suspects were caught and show West and her husband’s very raw, genuine emotions.

The video above is of the suspects in court.  The oldest suspect in the case is 17 years old and his cohort only 15.  Neither suspect entered a plea.

Sherry West, baby Antonio’s mom said, “I just hope, you know, that the shooter dies. I mean, I had to watch my baby die and I want him to die. A life for a life.”

Immediately after the shooting, detectives searched West’s home for a gun and conducted gun residue tests on both her and the baby’s father, West said, adding that the tests were negative and the search did not turn up a gun.


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