Emotional Advertising

TV and video analytic firm Ace Metrix has introduced a new Emotional Sentiment Index (ESI) metric for determining the level of emotional engagement consumers have with ads.

According to Research.com Marketers are measuring the emotional engagement of consumers to better market their products.

How are they doing this ?

They add up the positive and negative words used by consumers in response to a particular ad. Each ad is given a score to aid advertisers in how well a particular ad engages emotionally with its intended audience.

We are dedicated to developing new and better metrics that allow brands to effectively measure the ad creative as it relates to their specific objectives. For some campaigns the objective is rational, for others – emotional,” said Peter Daboll, Ace Metrix CEO.

Want to Know Who Ranks Where?

The Dawn soap campaign, “Dawn Saves the Wildlife” (pictured), depicting ducks, penguins and otters being rescued and cleaned ranks the highest on the index  It has emotional index scores of 96 and 100. However, an ad for pest terminator Terminix – called “Tentacles Over Cupcakes” – holds one of the lowest places on the index at 12. It features up-close animations of bugs and critters invading the home.

 What are your thoughts on the Evolution of Advertising ?

Do you know of any new tools being used or developed ?

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