Men Merging with Machines: Science/Technology Update

An “emotion” sensor if you will is being created that can not only detect a person’s emotions but make them visible to others’.  How, you ask? 

A good question with a simple answer, it measures electricity via the skin and can supposedly tell if a person is bored, stressed or excited.  Both The Daily Star and BBC have reported on this emotion data sensor.

Humintell mentioned the nascent beginnings of this device in past blogs.   Watch the video at the beginning of  the BBC article for more information on how this Q sensor technology will  help mold our future.

It’s applications are vast and is currently being used to help those who suffer from seizures and aid autistic people to better manage their emotions and behavior.  This technology or variations of could be endless.  Types of such technology have been used in electronic border protection kiosks, movie theaters for marketing purposes and in video gaming.

To watch another edifying video, from BBC, that delves into the query to what the extent will Technology encroach upon Humanity click here.

 So Humintell blog readers, what do you think?   Will space be the final frontier ?

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