Nonverbal Communication Book Review

Below is a review of Dr. Matsumoto’s newest book: Nonverbal Communication: Science and Applications written by Humintell affiliate Eric Goulard, a nonverbal and body language expert. For more information on Goulard and the services he offers, visit his website.

“I just finished reading Dr. David Matsumoto’s most recent book, Nonverbal Communication: Science and Applications.  This book is the book that has been missing from library shelves across the world!

The field of non-verbal communication is an ever evolving field.  Numerous research projects are conducted every year and many authors continue to write books each year.  However, it was time for someone like Dr. David Matsumoto to make clear and precise points on the subject.

Surrounded by two leading experts, Dr. Mark G. Frank & Dr. Hyi Sung Hwang, they were able to write a quality and informative text that has great simplicity and is easily understood.  All three were able to create a much needed addition to microexpression training that has a sizable quantity of references.

From the first pages, I immediately felt that I was holding a great reference for non-verbal communication, carefully written by experts who know what they are talking about.

The first part of the book is written by the three previously mentioned authors, in collaboration with other professionals and colleagues and each chapter is documented, with clear and precise references, which makes it easy to follow up on studies and current research in the field.

The second part presents an implementation of the concepts discussed in the first part.  The authors are professionals who explain how they use their knowledge of nonverbal communication on a daily basis.  Although very interesting, I must admit that I enjoyed the first part more.

This book is a masterpiece written by three recognized experts in the science of non-verbal communication .

It is a must read if you are interested in behavioral sciences!”


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