Body Language Revealed: Part 2

By guest blogger Eric Goulard

Eric Goulard is a nonverbal and body language expert as well as Humintell’s France affiliate.  He offers online education and resources in the field of non-verbal communication through his website  Below is the 2nd part to his insightful comments on gestures and body language. 

Political Communication

Photograph of Russian Vladimir Putin show male power (0:48).

YouTube Preview Image

The next 2 pictures delineate a very interesting posture:  The boss at work!  Their gestures including their feet give a clue:

These feet tell the story:  this is the president’s office.  The president is “at home”, on his territory.  As any mammalian, the dominant need more space, they want to be seen as larger, stronger and more powerful.


There is No Age to Love    


When two people are in love, they are naturally drawn towards each other. Their bodies are close and the normal social distances observed between  them disappear.

 A smile is a visible expression of the emotion of happiness.  We can recognize a genuine “Duchenne” smile because there are wrinkles at the corners of the eyes (crows feet).   In the case of a simulated smile, the eyes are rounder and only the lower portion of the face smiles.

Well, what happens in the brain when we are in love?  This picture give a graphic representation of our brain when we are in love.








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