Nonverbal Communications: Science and Applications

Written by Humintell’s Dr. David Matsumoto and Dr. Hyi Sung Hwang along with SUNY Buffalo’s Dr. Mark Frank

The first of its kind!

Many books on nonverbal communication focus on either the science or practical application, but not both. The editors of this book present a true scientist-practitioner model, blending cutting-edge behavioral science with real-world practical experience – the first of its kind to merge theoretical and practical worlds

What’s in it?

This text contains up-to-date reviews of scientific knowledge concerning facial expressions, voice, body and gesture, cultural influences on nonverbal behavior, and deception.

In addition, experienced practitioners describe how they use nonverbal communication in their work to improve accuracy and proficiency.

Great text and/or supplement for courses/seminars in:

* Nonverbal behavior
* Nonverbal communication
* Human interaction
* Profiling
* Security Management
* Homeland Security
* Interviewing
* Qualitative Analysis

*If you live outside of the USA and want to order this book, please contact us and we will assist you.

3 responses to “Nonverbal Communications: Science and Applications”

  1. anon says:

    Will this be available on amazon kindle, nook or ibook?

  2. jhon gomez says:


    How is this book different to for instance What Everybody is saying and Paul Ekman’s books about nonverbal communication and deception? I imagine there is not much new information which will be contained in this book or that has not been covered in previous editions like Telling lies, Detecting Lies and Deceit by Vir, Detection Deception in Forensic context, etc.

  3. Anon- At this point, we don’t know, but will update you if anything comes up.
    Jhon- As is illustrated in it’s description, the book features a scientific background yet also a practical application background. It’s the first book of it’s kind to do so, as a lot of books either are written by scientists or people who’ve applied this science to their field, but not both. This book differs in that it features chapters from real-life professionals telling how nonverbal communication helped them in their fields. These professionals are lawyers to law enforcement to negotiators.

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