Guess the Microexpression

Can you find the micro facial expression of emotion in the video below?

A microexpression is an emotional response that often occurs without our conscious awareness and reveals a person’s internal state. It is interesting to see it in an advertising campaign ad.

YouTube Preview Image

Take a look at this Faceology article on analytical interviewing.  Page three goes into more depth about this particular ad.

Maggie Pazian writes “We do not and cannot exactly know the cause of the microexpression without engaging Dr. Tendler [the woman in the video above] in conversation and probing into the topic that appears to have spurred the emotional reaction but there is still important information that we can glean from seeing a microexpression.

As a side note, the emotion of disgust (as seen in the video above) is one of the seven basic emotions. To learn more about disgust, take a look at this blog article on disgust and disease.

What are your thoughts on this ad as well as microexpression in general?

8 responses to “Guess the Microexpression”

  1. Adam L says:

    Looks like disgust @ 0.33.

  2. jhon gomez says:

    I can see the disgust expression. I wonder if that unilateral shoulder shrug has any meaning in this context (at the end of the video). Can you guys explain it if possible?



  3. The shrug is not a microgesture, so I don’t think it’s revealing of something hidden. It may be part of her personality or expressive style.

  4. Markus says:

    Im thinking that if you show disgust while endorsing a product, then mabey there is something about the product that she is uncomfortable with and feels that she cant stand for. But as it is said in the post, who knows? Unless you ask her.

  5. anon says:

    I don’t know. I feel that the disgust expression doesn’t fit the context. I have a friend who habitually shows disgust like every 10-15 seconds of conversation. At first I thought that he was disgusted about something, but later realized its just a tic. I feel it’s hard to judge a person’s expressions when they’re reading off a cue card. Who knows, maybe at :33 the director gave her a look!

  6. That disgust-like expression is clearly a conversational punctuator–perfectly congruent with the highly articulated style of an ad or other acting. It reveals nothing about her “internal state” so you can’t even define it as a “microexpression”. Her increased articulation, plus the fact that she lifts her right side of the mouth more all the time also explains the lifting of the right side of the mouth on sec 25 (w/”eye”) which one could otherwise confuse with contempt.

  7. WC says:

    I don’t think the disgust micro-expression fits the context either. I’m in a lab watching all these video with the sound off but I saw it twice and I’ve seen other people do this exact thing. I did notice at 40 seconds that her smile did not look like it did in the rest of the video so if anything I could see contempt there along with her eyes. If she didn’t like her job than that would make sense that it would come out while performing a job function.

  8. Matt Shull says:

    What about sec 25-26? Looks like anger maybe?

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