To Tweet or Post, That is the Question

Businesses around the world rely on social media sites to launch and promote their products and services to consumers nationwide.

Now, new research is saying that sites such as Facebook and Twitter actively encourage people to say things that they do not truly mean and later regret.

Why would social media sites trigger indifferent or perhaps rash responses in people?

Well, the lack of face-to-face interaction is being blamed.  Without the immediate consequence of someone firing back a cruel comment, evaluation or judgement, people feel free to just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.

These outlets lack the normal personable interaction prevalent when dealing with someone in person.  According to The Telegraph Oxford University behavior expert, Prof Robin Dunbar, commented that it was the absence of checks and balances in everyday, face-to-face communication that has led to this trend, which can even include cyber bullying.

We often times press send without taking a moment to reflect on what we just wrote/posted.  Even if we realize our mistake later and take down our post or delete our remark the damage could already be done with users across the world checking and updating their status constantly via cell phones.

Facial expressions and vocal tones (intonations) are natural  gauges to judging others’ reactions and feelings about particular situations.  This vital evolutionary tool  is taken out of the equation when we socialize via the internet.  This is prime for misunderstanding and unfortunately regrets.

What do you think about the rising growth of social media replacing face-to-face social interactions?

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