Emotional Intelligence: An Important Child’s Social Skill

Emotional Intelligence – the ability to manage one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions -, a term coined in 1990, is an extremely important social skill that is often either overlooked or under-recognized or both.

Have you ever wondered, How did he/she get the promotion over me (I have more education or experience)? Why do I always get the customer support person who seems rude?

Well, auburnpub.com reports that children’s social skills are critical to their happiness and success in life.  This comes from Daniel Coleman’s book Emotional Intelligence.

So what are the key elements to keep in mind when trying to raise emotionally intelligent children?  Here is an abbreviated version of the top 5 pointers.

1.  Empathize with your child.

Number 2 is a big one and I imagine a bit controversial for some parents.

2.  Don’t force toddlers to share.  Instead us the concept of taking turns.

3.  Before play dates let your child put away ‘special” toys that they do not want to share.

4. Set clear limits on physically acting out.  Teach healthy self-management

5.  Labeling emotion is the first step in managing it. Ex:  That sound is scary but your safe here in the house.

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