Agree to Disagree: Men and Women

Do you or your man smile a lot?  Do you find it sexy?  Do you think he does?  According to fyi Living website, attractive facial expressions vary between the sexes.

Recent studies suggest that men prefer women who bear smiles while women find that quality the most unattractive in a man.

So, which expression do women like the most and which one do men find the least attractive?

Like most things between the two sexes, this research suggests that it is the exact opposite.  Women find a prideful expression on  man to be the most attractive while men find a prideful expression on a women to be the least attractive.

Why are men and women opposites when it comes  to emotion? Science’s take on this is that women find smiles to be more feminine; therefore, lacking dominance.  Prideful expressions indicate a man’s ability to be a good provider; therefore, a strong mate and the most attractive facial expression.

Men on the other hand, love the feminine smile because it reflects a nurturing attitude reminding them of comfort and their mothers.  An interesting finding from these studies is that men and women both find shame to be an attractive facial expression.  We are a convoluted species.

What do you think of these findings? Do you think they bear any weight?

For additional information on men and women and what their body language is saying, take a look at this article from the Times of India.

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