Toddler Shoots Mother?

A 2-1/2-year-old toddler allegedly shot and killed his mother, as suggested by the boy’s father.

Listen to the 911 call below. Do you find anything suspicious about the father’s wording? Do you agree with Susan Constantine?

8 responses to “Toddler Shoots Mother?”

  1. Steve says:

    He seems to be faking panic and worry through the call, but he goes to a normal voice quickly, which is typical for a liar. (on top of what is mentioned in the video)

  2. Keith D. says:

    I’m at a little bit of a loss on this one for several reasons, but I lean toward its being more than a simple accident. I can’t say conclusively, but some of what he says (and some of it is a little ambiguous because from another source it was reported that he said “why you put my son in this position,” instead of “why me put myself in this position” — and when they were subtitled, I was able to hear it both ways– makes it sound like blame minimization or blame shifting.

    His claim that this was an accident isn’t completely implausible, but it is very unlikely based on what I’ve experienced as a Glock owner. I find it highly dubious that a 2-3 year old would be able to hold a Glock pistol well enough to be able to pull the trigger with enough force to discharge the weapon, even with an adult trying to remove it from their hands. Possible, but highly unlikely.

    No matter what the case though, this guy is going down for reckless endangerment at the least, because he already admitted in the 911 call that he had left a loaded and chambered firearm on the floor in his home with his 2 year old son present.

  3. Jeff says:

    The voice changes from a stressful sounding voice to a calmer, clearer voice, are somewhat indicative, in my opinion, of a cover story. Someone under a great deal of stress likely wouldn’t be speaking in such a stressed tone and then so quickly be able to return to a normal tone of voice. Therefore, I agree with Steve.

    I disagree with Susan, the body language expert on her comment that his choice of words betrayed him. I live in the South Florida area, have worked in law enforcement in this area, and therefore understand that there are many different cultures down here. It sounds to me as though the caller is Haitian and although he seems to speak English relatively well, sometimes word choices escape individuals for whom English is a second language and I suspect this might be magnified by a stressful situation. Therefore, I personally feel as though we cannot use word choice as a reliable indicator of deception or falsification in this case.

  4. Jhon says:

    His voice does not show distress at all. When he speaks about god, his wording is unusually too. I am quite sure he is laying.

  5. Markus says:

    My first thougts is pretty much summed up in the video and i agree with all except very last sentence when she says “to me it seems like he is a very good actor”.

    Except all the things pointed out in the video i really doubt that a 2 year old have hands big enough to reach the trigger. If he can i doubt he will have the strength in his little hands to pull the trigger.

    I also think, if he managed to pull the trigger, that any child would be scared and shock by the loud bang and effect of the recoil from the gun would have on a 2 year old. They only mentioned that he was asking for is mom. So i doubt that he was even in the same room.

  6. Joel M says:

    When asked by the dispatcher “Who shot her?” He fails to give an answer. He also states “I was taking the gun from him” Which is then undermined “I was TRYING to take it from him” Trying means attempted but failed.

    “My little boy had the gun and he picked it up off the ground, I don’t know” He describes what happened but then declares “I don’t know” which weakens his assertion. When asked to tell someone what happened, phrases that indicate a lack of memory are generally considered out-of-bounds and sensitive.

    We also hear “She’s on the ground” which is a pretty impersonal way of describing your girlfriend. We do not see “My girlfriend is on the ground” or him call her by her name. This could possibly indicate tension in the relationship between himself and his girlfriend.

    When talking about his son he uses the possessive pronoun “My” which tells us that he is claiming possession of his son. He fails to do so when telling us that his girlfriend has been shot and his on the ground. “She” is the only way he describes her. We do not see “My girlfriend” or her name.

    The rambling about god and going through nothing like this in his life is the point where I believe he starts to realise the enormity of the situation.

    I believe there may have been tension between the boyfriend and girlfriend (the lack of a name or possessive pronoun when the girlfriend enters the picture) and it was the boyfriend who shot the girlfriend and fabricated this story about his son shooting his mother because he thinks it will allow him to escape any punishment.

    Maybe they had an row about custody, money, infidelity? Whatever it was I do not believe that this man is being totally honest about what happened.

  7. Maggie says:

    What most stands out to me is that he is so overly concerned about what he got ‘himself’ into as opposed to what his son has done, witnessed and will have to live with. A father who has just witnessed his son shoot his mother is more concerned about his own feeling and situation? That fear that he is communicating is all about a fear for himself. What is he so afraid of if he didn’t shoot his wife? And why does that trump the situation and the effect this will have on his son? As a parent I would be beside myself for my child not for myself.

  8. Eirin says:

    He seems untouched, as of, inside of the voice. He does ” all the tricks “, but its like his voice doesn’t hide, even a hint of feelings. He didn’t seem like it was any feelings in his voice, other than quickly talking, and high tone of his voice..

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