Ask The Expert: Ask Your Questions to Dr. Matsumoto

Happy 2011 to all our avid readers! We hope you will help us make this year a great one!

Back in February of last year, we asked you the readers, to ask specific questions they may have to Dr. Matsumoto.  We then selected your questions and had Dr. Matsumoto personally respond in a 2-part series.

You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Back by popular demand, we are again bringing back the “Questions Answered by Dr. Matsumoto” series.

Ask your specific question(s) to Dr. Matsumoto in the comments section above. The questions can be related to anything: microexpressions, facial expressions of emotions in general, culture, emotion, nonverbal behavior, etc.

Please no inappropriate questions! Don’t forget we monitor all questions asked on the blog and inappropriate questions will be deleted.

We’ll select certain questions we think are interesting, interview Dr. Matsumoto and post the responses within one week.

Thanks for your participation!

4 responses to “Ask The Expert: Ask Your Questions to Dr. Matsumoto”

  1. Chris C. says:

    Dr. Matsumoto:

    How many different facial emotions have been identified, including non-basic ones? Also I would be interested in a recommended reading list so that I may improve my skills in reading people. And lastly do you think that Mirror Neurons play and role in the identification of Facial Expressions?


  2. Marlon says:

    Dr. Matsumoto:
    I have two questions for you please.
    Can a person use the knowledge of this science against another, keeping in mind that knows the reactions of the body, face or movements in order to confuse the other or would it be detected?.
    and the other…
    Im really intrested on this so with the readings that you can refer and the training you put on the site how well would you say that someone can learn?

  3. Tracy M. says:

    Do you know of any studies that have shown a method that is effective for people/children with autism?

  4. EP says:

    I hope its not to late to enter this question for review. Is there any significance as to which side of the face a unilateral contempt expression occurs? Mine occurs on the right side of my face (your left), but if i make the expression on the other side, its usually when i’m trying to come up with something.

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