Living with Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Take a look at the interesting story of Fenton Turck or New Jersey, who has Nonverbal Learning Disorder or NLD.

For those who are not aware, NLD is a neurological condition that impairs an individual’s ability to process nonverbal information.

According to the Nonverbal Learning Disorder Association, is a “Neurophysiological disorder originating in the right hemisphere of the brain. Reception of nonverbal or performance-based information governed by this hemisphere is impaired in varying degrees, including problems with visual-spatial, intuitive, organizational, evaluative, and holistic processing functions”.

Research shows that up to 90% of messages are often communicated non verbally, so living with NLD can be challenging.

Take a look below at how Mr. Turck lives and deals with this disorder.

Have you heard of this disorder before or know someone who suffers from it? Share your experience, thoughts and comments in the comments section of this blog.

More on NLD can be found here

3 responses to “Living with Nonverbal Learning Disorder”

  1. Ian Trudel says:

    Interesting blog post! I wished they would have shown us what NLD is on the video. For example, having Turck interacting with another person.


  2. Melissa Summerton says:

    Every time I hear/read another person’s story, I can relate so much because I have NLD. I finally got diagnosed at age 25, and by then I’d been through job after job and suffered from social/emotional problems. Part of what made it so hard was outwardly I look just like everybody else and appear quite smart. So when I’d start having unusual problems, nobody understood why, including myself. I couldn’t explain it. I was always wrestling with a phantom. Now, at 28, I am finally in a job that I am successful at. It’s been almost a year now, and this is my first time keeping a paying job for that long.

  3. Melissa, Thanks for sharing your story with us. We are encouraged by your story and hope to learn more about NLD from individuals such as yourself. Best of luck in the future!

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