Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 20 “Exposed”

Gillian Foster’s boyfriend, Dave Burns,  is kidnapped in this week’s episode of Lie to Me.

Back at the Lightman Group office, tensions are running high as microexpressions expert Cal Lightman gives Foster the combination to his office safe. After opening it, Foster finds a file on her boyfriend, which includes an image she pulls out. Ria Torres sees the picture and mistakenly labels it as “fear”.

The expression which she wrongly labels can be seen in the opening seconds of this Youtube preview of yesterday’s episode:

YouTube Preview Image

Although the viewer only sees the expression for a split second, Burn’s expression shows his brows down and together, which is indicative of anger or contemplation. In contrast, the emotion of fear are the brows drawn up and together, often forming wavy lines in the forehead.

You can contrast the 2 expressions by looking at them here:

As you can see, the picture on the left shows the brows drawn down and together, while the expression on the right shows the brows moving up and together. The eyes in the left expression are narrowing, while in the expression on the right, the eyes are wide and open. Often in fear, you see a lot of white above the eyes as you can see in the expression on the right.

3 responses to “Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 20 “Exposed””

  1. Dr Dmitriy S says:

    I haven’t watched the episode but on the left is a picture of an expression of contemplative/anger emotion with partial mixed fear in the lips. Looking at this same pic more intuitively it definitely looks like fake anger or confusion/contemplation.

  2. ep12345 says:

    Well.. it may not be full blown fear.. but it is a look of concern. I often do this when I’m stressed out and worried about something. I’m not angry at anyone but at that instant, i’m thinking “what do i do… what do i do????”

  3. WC says:

    I think the picture on the left is a look of bad acting hah. I didn’t like that guy much anyway and I hope he isn’t in anymore episodes.

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