Smile Game!

Can you tell the difference between an enjoyment and social smile?

Test your knowledge by taking our *NEW* smile game by clicking HERE or on the image above!

7 responses to “Smile Game!”

  1. Markus says:

    This was really useful. Although the pruducts on this site have helped me to better see emotion in facial expressions and notice microexpression, i feel this is better if you want to be better to notice emotional facialexpression.
    In a video like this you see the acutal “flow” of the facial muscels as opposed neutral-emotion-neutral. I would be great to create a product were you can learn all the seven emotional expressions and micros by a similar way.

  2. Adam says:

    I’m with Markus.

  3. Blake Kibō says:

    I disagree with the prior two posters. I feel they are missing the point of identifying what is being asked.

    Left: Social Smile

    From observation, I feel like this face looks somewhat rehearsed. The muscles on her forehead is lacking movement. She is also showing teeth. If she is first generation East Asian, and possibly second generation, this facial expression would seem synthetic. To me it looks more like a “scared” look.

    Right: Enjoyment

    This face shows enjoyment. It has a surprise look to me–something I feel is contributed to joy, at least with EA groups. Again, from personal experience.

    But then again I have no formal training. So I hope Dr. Matsumoto would enlighten us?

  4. Blake Kibō says:

    I am sorry. I didn’t see there was a link because I am on my mobile. I thought we were being asked to identify both faces.

    After doing the test I got most right. I failed miserably on some!

  5. MM says:

    I liked this one. It gets harder as the test goes on! Do more like it, please.

  6. Jay Abiona says:

    The one on the left is a smile of enjoyment due to the fact that there IS movement in the eyes. The ‘smile’ on the right is a social smile since there is NO movement in the eyes. Al Pacino playing Tony Montana in the movie Scarface said it the best; “The eyes Chico………They never lie.”

  7. Dragan says:

    Cool, thank you!
    Yes please make some more.

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